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Latitude: the freedom to behave, act, or think the way you want to.

/ˈlatɪtjuːd/- scope for freedom of action or thought.

- late Middle English: from Latin latitudo ‘breadth’, from latus ‘broad’.

“Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.” 

Viktor Frankl


The word latitude can be defined as the "freedom to behave, act, or think the way you want to"- simply, it describes how much freedom you have in making choices.  


At Latitude performance, we believe that by understanding this "freedom" is the key to allowing individuals, teams and systems to learn learn to think, behave, and interpret situations in a way that they want to, and in a way that is conducive to performance whether that be in sport, business or everyday life.

We are a person centred business and love people! We are fascinated and curious about people from all backgrounds and love learning to understand how and why people behave in the way that they do in different situations. We focus on individuals and their environment- considering them as "people" not just athletes, CEOs, or mothers/fathers. We fundamentally believe in behaviour change and through working in elite sport, have had great success in guiding individuals to drive the change that they want to see to achieve their goals (either individually or as a team).


Our approach allows us to create a non-judgemental and supportive yet challenging environment where individuals can explore their thoughts, feelings, behaviours and emotions within various contexts and how this impacts upon performance while being guided by evidence based practice and experience.

We are passionate about high quality applied psychology and translating models of behaviour in to a shared language which is easy to understand and can be incorporated in to all aspects of life.  We approach each individual in a tailored way and view our services as all about personal development and advancement, as opposed to being "problem focussed".

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