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At Latitude Performance we value all individuals and provide "acceptance without exception" (Stonewall, 2017) regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation or background.


We believe that we are stronger together and are committed to working towards everyone being able to fulfil their potential.  We also feel that we have a responsibility and an opportunity to empower individuals and institutions to develop accepting cultures, inclusive environments and to challenge discrimination at a singular and system level.

This can be uncomfortable, and we won't always get it right but are committed to making change, starting with ourselves. Some of the steps and resources on our journey are:

  • Self-education (continuing to explore psychological models, the history of discrimination, the history of privilege, understanding and learning terminology)

  • Self-reflection (what are our blind spots and biases? What are our values? What power do we hold? Where might we be stereotyping?)

  • Advocacy (how can we amplify the voices of others? How can we speak up?)

  • Check-ins (speaking to our athletes, colleagues, friends, having conversations)

  • Safe environments (how can we create/change environments where individuals feel safe to share their experiences?)

  • Collaborate (how can we work with others who support our stance?)

  • Representation (how can we ensure diversity in our environments?)

  • Clarity (ensuring we're clear with our message and sharing our stance with people we work with or could work with in the future)

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